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Cricut Joy vs Explore Air 2 vs Maker. Which Cricut Machine Should I Buy and WHY?!?

If you've been contemplating whether to purchase the Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy or the Explore Air 2, then look no further!

I'll be covering all three machines in-depth, showing the similarities as well as the differences and helping you to make an informed decision about which device is right for ALL of your crafting needs!

Learn all about the capabilities of each machine as well as the different blades that can be used with each Cricut machine.

Learn how to use your Cricut machine with my online course Cricut® Made Easy with Sweet Red Poppy™: https://sweetredpoppy.com/cricut-made-easy-with-sweet-red-poppy-online-cricut-class/

Purchase the Maker HERE: http://shrsl.com/1jgaw
Purchase the Explore Air 2 HERE: http://shrsl.com/1jgc4
Purchase the Cricut Joy HERE: http://shrsl.com/244hq

Get even more details here: https://sweetredpoppy.com/cricut-maker-vs-explore-air-2/

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Видео Cricut Joy vs Explore Air 2 vs Maker. Which Cricut Machine Should I Buy and WHY?!? канала Sweet Red Poppy
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