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The Voidz - Russian Coney Island – Secret Show, Live in Venice

The Voidz - Russian Coney Island (New Song) – Los Angeles, Live, 2-3-20, Townhouse Venice. Julian: This is an excuse to party! Thank you, friends I think... random people that were in the bar upstairs.. lol We were going to have some good fake names.. we never went through with it. :P
Other Tidbits:

Julian Casablancas: We had a few (fake names planned)... what was it... Lab Rat, Auschwitz Twins... just kidding... that was a fake album name, actually.. Dick Blade, The Trumps, that was... Fan: Zebra! Zebra? OK... you just like point at things you see and then you say them? lol Light! (Julian points at a stage light)(Beardo was wearing a zebra pattern vest) Cancel Beef, Man Dragons, Sex Meat? Whatever... This is an excuse to party! Yeah!

More nonsensical animal yells would be appreciated... Giraffe noises... :P

They had a setlist, but Jeff Kite's keyboard seemed to be having issues, so they decided not to follow what was written down. Beardo: Do you guys want to go up or do you guys want to go down? Fans: Up!!! :P (Beardo plays a little 'Peg' by Steely Dan)

The Del Monte Speakeasy is a bar and music venue with a capacity around 200, located in the basement of the Townhouse Venice. Admission was free and everyone enjoyed the surprise show. Julian and Beardo came out and talked with some of the fans after the set, which was very nice.
Watch The Voidz Debut Two New Songs At Secret LA Show


Видео The Voidz - Russian Coney Island – Secret Show, Live in Venice канала AdmiralNeeda
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4 февраля 2020 г. 17:22:14
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