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The *NEW* Silent C4 Trick + My Go-to Chalet Rework Spawn Peek! - Rainbow Six Siege

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Welcome back to our Discord tricks series where I personally test out and show off your submissions! You can learn everything in this video from the clever ways to use C4, new ways to use shields for cover and even the new Chalet rework spawn peek to make people mald.

Two floor & out the window C4 - 0:43
The silent C4 trick - 1:34
Weird way to turn off metal detectors? - 2:31
The perfected C4 spawn kill throw on Oregon - 4:10
Random Kapkan trap that no one does - 4:38
Elevated long angle no one expects - 5:33
The BEST hiding spot on Villa - 6:07
Crazy vertical angle on Kafe - 6:55
Genius spawn kill with a shield vault - 7:30
My go-to Chalet rework spawn peek! - 8:13
New elevation trick to make yourself shorter - 9:06

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Видео The *NEW* Silent C4 Trick + My Go-to Chalet Rework Spawn Peek! - Rainbow Six Siege канала Coconut Brah
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