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johan lenox - no one wants to dance anymore ft Yung Pinch (Strings Version Live from Truth Studios)

song, strings & arrangement by @johan lenox
featuring @Yung Pinch on vocals
no one wants to dance anymore: https://johanlenox.lnk.to/NoOneWantsToDanceAnymore


How come no one's picking up the phone
I don’t wanna be at home
I don’t wanna be lonely

Told them there's a thing, we should go
They all used to say hell yea
Now it’s just sorry

Back when nights were more than enough
We had the gang when our world got tough
Now there ain’t no one hitting me up
Everybody's grown up now

Everybody's got girlfriends
Pretty soon they've got husbands
All I got here is nothing
No one wants to do fun shit
I just wanna do young shit
Everybody's grown up now

No one wants to dance anymore
No one wants to laugh anymore
Everybody’s stressed out or bored
What do we do, what do we do?
You know it’s the truth, man,
No one wants a thrill anymore
No one wants to chill til it's 4
Now I don’t got no friends anymore
What do I do, what do I do?
I'll kick it with you

@yungpinch verse

I guess things change, gotta face it
Keep 10 toes to the pavement
Lost friends over lame shit
We were so close I could taste it
Now I don’t know where the days went
Don’t go and do the same shit
I miss home and I miss you
This tour bus feeling vacant
And I can’t call cuz you’re asleep, at home
Workin’ every day this week, I know
Leave a message at the beep, so long
Call me when you get this, I guess
I need a answer, it’s almost showtime love
She can’t come, and see me now she’s tied up
Is this how the rest of our life looks
Just another lonely night cuz

Видео johan lenox - no one wants to dance anymore ft Yung Pinch (Strings Version Live from Truth Studios) канала johan lenox
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