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Delicate Beaded Bangles: Easy Jewelry To Make And Share

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Easy To Make Delicate Beaded Bangles
by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil
The O'Neil Sisters
Running With Sisters

Click to get the written how-to with step by step instructions on our blog: http://runningwithsisters.com/delicate-beaded-bangles

Make these Delicate Beaded Bangles using memory wire, crimp beads, and pretty crystal beads. We'll show you every step. Make one or five. They look so good stacked. And these are so easy!

Transcript of Video (edited for length)
"To make these beaded bangles we've got memory wire. Ours is gold and it's 65mm in diameter. And we've got beads. We've got some gold seed beads. These are 2mm and we've got some faceted round crystal beads here. These are 5mm and these are 2x3mm. And then we have crimp beads. The crimp beads are size #1, which is 1.3mm and we got those in gold to match our gold wire and beads. For tools, we have round-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers and wire cutters.

To make one of these delicate beaded bangles, we're going to start with the memory wire and we're going to cut a piece that has a little bit of an overlap with the coil below it. This goes all the way around to the wire below it and then continue on for another about an inch and a half. I'm gonna use my wire cutters to cut that piece. This is going to be my bangle.

For this bracelet, we're using a few beads that'll be centered on the bangle. I'm gonna do 5 little seed beads and a faceted rondelle with 5 more seed beads. I want to feed these beads on, but I want a crimp bead at either end and that's going to keep the beads centered on the bangle. So I'm gonna feed one crimp bead on the memory wire first. Then I'm going to feed on the seed beads and the round crystal bead in the pattern that we just created. I just have 5 more of my seed beads to feed on. I've got all my beads now on the bracelet except I need my one more crimp bead at the end. I'm not gonna crimp these yet.

The closure we're gonna make is two loops that overlap the memory wire bracelet. I'm gonna take my round-nose pliers and bend a loop in the end of one piece of the memory wire. The way to do that is just to grab the memory wire. I'm holding the pliers perpendicular to the wire and I roll a loop in it. I do the same thing in the other end of memory wire. I flip the bracelet over. I'm out at the very end of the memory wire, grabbing and rolling. If you wanted you could leave it like this and just have those little loops, but we think it's fun to connect them on to the wire. It an adjustable bracelet. You want to take your chain-nose pliers and bend the loop so that it's towards that wire. Turn the bracelet over and bend a 90 degree angle in that loop. Now the loop is facing the wire. The wire can go through the loop. I'll show you that again on the other side. I'm going to bend this 90 degrees. I've created a little circle that the wire can go through. To secure the bracelet, we want to feed this wire through this loop. I can open it slightly by just jiggling it sideways a little bit and I can slide that memory wire into the loop. I'm going to just open the loop slightly with my chain-nose pliers, and I'm going to slide that wire into that loop. And so what this does is it makes it so the bracelet's kind of adjustable. It spreads apart a little bit. So when you put it on you can see that it gets a little bit larger, but then it bounces back to this shape and these little loops give it that kind of adjustability.

So now I want to crimp these beads. The crimp beads are made of metal and they're meant to be crimped. So I'm just taking my chain-nose pliers and I'm pressing very hard. That one's crimped and then I'll push the other beads up to it and crimp the other side. You really do have to press down hard to crimp it, but that keeps those beads there in the center. And once you get started making these, it's really fun to make a whole stack of these Delicate Beaded Bangles."

Happy Crafting
Jennifer & Kitty

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