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Faith Q&A | marriage, family, praying with our kids

We are talking all things faith and family in this Q&A! You all ask us questions about our individual faith journeys, praying with our kids, and faith in our marriage all the time - so we're sitting down to answer the big ones!
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In our family, it’s tons of love along with a little bit of chaos every single day! We’re all about creating and sharing memories while we learn about the ups and downs of life TOGETHER. Our kids, Aden and Ariah, teach us that things don’t always go as planned… but they (almost always) turn out even better than we could have expected! This is The Housley Life! Join the fun every Wednesday at 10 a.m. EST! #TheHousleyLife

Видео Faith Q&A | marriage, family, praying with our kids канала The Housley Life
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