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8 Easter Eggs That Got People Fired (Redux)

Have you ever wondered if an easter egg has ever gotten someone fired? Well, the answer is yes.

Original upload date: March 17th, 2018
This video is a remake (redux) of one of my oldest videos, with new content (8 instead of 6 easter eggs) and improved production. I hope to have an entirely new video up this weekend.

Discord: https://discord.gg/JHJjJcY

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I'm currently working full-time while trying to do these videos, so any support you want to give (of any form) puts me a step closer to putting out videos quickly, regularly, and more consistently. :)

The easter eggs and fireable offenses include (spoiler alert):

Commodore Amiga
James May AutoCar Magazine
Simcopter Himbos
BBC / Doctor Who
Marvel Comic X-Men Gold #1
Show do milhão
Easter Egg that triple-folded profits

Thanks to Orange Velocity helping me with some additional research.


Music From Oddheader: https://youtu.be/kO-9kZ9KbZI

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