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How to progress FAST in Calisthenics - 5 METHODS

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Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well, in this video I decided to share with you the ways it progress quickly in calisthenics. Some methods might sound controversial but it is all about finding compromise. You'll find out how to build muscle mass and learn calisthenics skills quickly! I hope you will like that kind of video as I am really wondering if you'd like me to continue with informative videos.

Please listen carefully to whole video. I tried to share with you the experience and knowledge that I had since I'm working out. Progressing quickly is cool but you must be aware that you risk of getting injured. If you are training calisthenics for health and not going to compete DO NOT rush on that! It is all about finding compromise, make sure to always warm up properly and choose exercises that are safe to perform.

Видео How to progress FAST in Calisthenics - 5 METHODS канала Darek Woś Caliathletics
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