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Top Tips for Making your New Guitar Better

Looking for some helpful tips in getting your new electric guitar to play better? Then tune in as The Captain & Danish Pete teach you how to re-string your guitar, set up your neck and get it playing perfectly straight out of the box! | https://tinyurl.com/yevz6eoh

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Learn how to re-string your new guitar, adjust pickup heights and clean those oxidized frets with The Captain & Danish Pete's top guitar maintenance tips! Perfect for beginners and seasoned guitarists alike, get your brand new guitar playing perfectly with these easy-to-follow and inexpensive maintenance tips.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
» 0:00 Why You Should Adjust Your New Guitar?
» 2:09 How To Adjust The Neck
» 7:04 Re-String & Fretboard Maintenence
» 10:19 Cleaning Your Frets
» 12:10 Cleaning Your Fretboard
» 14:50 Adjusting the Nut
» 16:00 Changing Your Neck Plate
» 18:22 Re-string Tips
» 22:30 Adjusting Your Stratocaster Bridge & Tremolo System
» 28:16 Adjusting The Pickup Height
» 30:45 How Does It Sound Now?

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