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The Breeders Whatever Happened To The Band Behind Cannonball & One Of Kurt Cobain's Favorite Bands?

The Breeders: Whatever happened to the band?

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0:00 - Introduction
1:10 - The Breeders Early Years
2:20 - Kurt Cobain's Praise/Pixies Break Up
4:00 - Last Splash/Cannonball
5:37 - The Breeders Fall Apart/The Amps
7:07 - Disastrous Breeders Album
10:50 - Classic Breeders Reunion

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You can’t talk about The Breeders without talking about The Pixies first. The Pixies officially formed in 1986 and Kim Deal, a newlywed at the time was working in a medical lab. She knew how to play guitar, but not bass. She would answer a “wanted ad” in the Boston Phoenix newsletter that read -

Looking for a “bassist'' into Hüsker Dü and Peter, Paul and Mary. Please – no chops.” Kim answered, even though she didn’ know how to play a bass guitar yet.

She would join The Pixies in 1986 under the stage name “Mrs. John Murphy. Her twin sister Kelley was also asked to join , but she passed and went onto to Calfironia instead.

Kim Deal and Charles Thompson IV, the frontman of the Pixies who also went by the name Black Francis, were both musical forces to be reckoned, but that often led to them arguing and butting heads over creative control. Deal wanted more opportunities to write songs.

Three years later, after hitting walls with her ability to express herself within the confines of The Pixies, Kim started her own side project, the band we all know as The Breeders. Today lets talk about the history of the breeders and whatever happened to the band

Kim had been making music with her identical twin sister Kelley, since they were kids growing up in Dayton, Ohio. The twin sisters grew up on 70’s AM radio and played together as a country duo at truckstops and bluegrass bars under the monicker the breeders. Their parents were from West Virginia, and they instilled in them a pragmatic outlook on life. Kim’s twin sister Kelley wouldn’t officially join the Breeders until 1992 because around the time of the band’s formation, the only position available was drummer and she wasn’t interested.

The original 1989 lineup of The Breeders consisted of Tanya Donnelly from Throwing Muses, Josephine Wiggs from The Perfect Disaster and Jim MacPhearson who was a personal friend of Kim’s.The name the “breeders” is a term that gay people use to desribe straight people.

Even though Kim was the bassist for The Pixies, she didn’t want to play the same role in The Breeders, handing off bass duties to Josephine Wiggs. In a 2017 interview with The Guardian newspaper, she said it’s because she and i quote is “a guitar player at heart.”

The band already had an in with a label thanks to Kim’s Pixies connections,They would sign with the same label with 4AD - and went on to release their debut album “Pod” in 1990. The album featured a cover of the beatles song happiness is a warm gun, which became a minor hit on college radio. The timing was serendipitous as grunge was just on the verge of surging in popularity, and Kim even landed a personal praise from Kurt Cobain, when the Nirvana frontman listed Pod in his journal as one of the 50 albums that had the biggest influence on Nirvana’s sound. He also admired Kim’s abilities as a songwriter, saying that “Gigantic” was his favorite Pixies song.

Deal has always committed to the “All Wave” recording philosophy, which producer Steve Albini who worked with the Breeders explained in a 2008 meant that they would use: no computers, no digital recording, no auto-tuning, or any other mainstays of contemporary production. In fact, in a 2018 interview with “The Gentlewoman” online, Deal revealed that she writes all her lyrics on paper plates, which perfectly sums up her approach to creating music.

The band was still on the verge of commercial success when they recorded their “Safari” EP in 1992. But a line up change was also brewing. Tanya Donnelly left The Breeders to focus on her own band “Belly.”

In 1992, the band toured with Nirvana in Europe, which was also one of drummer Jim MacPherson’s first times playing outside of Dayton. It’s rumored that he even had to ask Dave Grohl what a monitor was.

One year later, following a disastrous tour with U2, The Pixies called it quits. Black Francis notified his fellow band members by fax, no less that the Pixies where done. Some claimed in add

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