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Kids Try Endangered Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

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Check out the recipes:
Danish Pancake Balls -https://scandinaviancooks.com/2014/10/03/aebleskiver-%E2%99%A5-how-to-make-danish-aebleskiver-with-apple-filling/
Italian Sweet Short Bread -https://www.turismo.it/gusto/articolo/art/picchirittus-di-seulo-tutta-la-dolcezza-della-barbagia-id-12809/
Mexican Steamed Corn Tamales - http://hotmexicanrecipes.blogspot.com/2011/06/corunda-michoacan-steamed-corn-tamales.html
Finnish Fish Bread - https://oldwayspt.org/recipes/finnish-fish-pie-or-kalakukko
Columbian Cheese Bread - https://www.mycolombianrecipes.com/garullas-corn-meal-and-fresh-cheese-bread

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About Kids Try:
Adventurous and adorable kids give us an entree into the world’s array of foods and snacks.

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Kids Try Endangered Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

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Видео Kids Try Endangered Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids канала HiHo Kids
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