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9 Best Exercises for a Nice Butt (No Equipment)

The 9 Best At-Home Exercises to Get a Nice Butt. It is possible to build bigger rounder glutes even if you have no gym equipment. These exercises can be grouped together for a great workout to develop your buttocks.

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Your butt or your glutes are actually made up of multiple muscles starting with the largest muscle which is the gluteus maximus and The shape of your butt is largely determined by this muscle. It's also very important for lower body power output especially in movements in which you extend the hip like for example when you stand up. Moving a little higher up and off to the side you have your gluteus medius which does assist with extending the hip but it's also a powerful hip abductor that allows you to raise your leg up to the side and stabilizes your hip as you walk. You also have your gluteus Minimus which helps with hip abduction as well but it's mostly not visible because it lies under the gluteus maximus. But to develop nicer well-rounded glutes we're going to want to perform exercises that target these muscles effectively. So today I want to give you guys the 9 best glute exercises that you can do right at home to develop a nicer butt. 
Starting first with glute step-ups. Now there is a major difference between regular step-ups and these step-ups that Target more of your glutes. First you're going to want to find some kind of platform to step up on that's preferably around knee level. At home, this could be a chair some stairs or even a couch. Then you're going to stand facing forward and you're going to plant one foot on top of that platform. From here with regular step-ups we would just kick off with the back foot and extend our front leg until we're at the top of the platform. Even though this is effective, a far more effective way to challenge the glutes is by first lifting your toes off the ground and keeping them pointed up before stepping up. What this does is it prevents you from being able to kick off that back leg so it takes your back calf out of the movement and puts more emphasis on that front glute. It also makes the exercise significantly harder to where 10 reps even without weights will be plenty challenging for most people. And by the way ill be going over the proper sets and reps to create a glute workout from these exercises at the end of the video. But once you're at the top there's no need to plant your back foot on the platform, instead simply slowly lower back down and repeat for reps before switching sides.
Next we have lunge kickbacks but once again we're going to do it a little differently because we want to start with our hip in a flexed position to increase glute activation and slightly increase our range of motion. So for this one you're going to want a shorter platform that is about Midway up your shins. Once again you can use stairs or simply stack some books or some other objects in your house. Start by facing forward standing about 2 to 3 feet away from the platform and plant one of your feet on that platform in front of you. When you're planting your foot you want to make sure that you maintain hip-distance for the width of your stance. Don't make the common mistake of trying to keep your feet in a straight line and almost overlapping them because not only will it make it harder to balance but its also simply bad form. Another to keep in mind is that you don't want your back foot too close to the platform. You'll know that you're making this mistake if when you go down for your lunge you create more of a triangle shape in between your legs rather than a rectangular shape. So make sure you create enough space between your front and back foot and then lower yourself down for a lunge by dropping your back knee towards the ground while bending your front knee at the same time. Hold it at the bottom position for a second and while doing that you should feel a nice stretch in your front hamstring and glute. Then extend both legs until your back up in the starting position and lift your back foot off the ground as you kick your leg back and squeeze that glute, then bring your back foot back to the ground and repeat all your reps on one side before switching to the other.
Next up we have squats but I want you to do a few things to make them more challenging. first off if you have a book bag that you can fill with heavy objects and throw on your back, I recommend doing that because it'll help challenge those powerful glute muscles much more. the second thing you're going to do is you're not going to lockout at the top...

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