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What Really Got Ben Zygier in Trouble with the Mossad?

Prisoner X: The Secret (2013) - After lifting the lid on the mysterious identity of Prisoner X, ABC Australia have achieved a second scoop. This report reveals new details on what Ben Zygier did to prompt such a clandestine and brutal fate.

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"I think the story has come to an end, really. There is nothing there to look for". This is the frosty response from former Mossad agent Rami Igra when questioned about Prisoner X, trying once again to draw a close to this embarrassing affair. But the question remains: what landed Prisoner X in jail and why the need for such secrecy? The cover story was that it would compromise national security, but as Aluf Been, Editor in Chief of Haaretz newspaper in Israel, points out, "you have to ask yourself if the main issue here is protecting the reputation of the relevant services". The reality is an incredible story of a botched Mossad operation that would have left the organisation with red faces. Zygier is described by Igra as, "a guy who tried to play a hero". In trying to prove himself as a key operative he unintentionally handed out information on an Israeli source to a key member of Hezbollah, scuppering a key Israeli objective to recover the bodies of three soldiers killed in the invasion of Lebanon. This report, which reveals the tortured final hours of Zygier's life, pointedly asks whether the destruction of his life was really justified in the name of Israel's state security.

ABC Australia - Ref. 5802

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