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After 60 years, my dad sees full color for the first time

My dad has been colorblind his whole life (red/green deficient. For more information check the comment pinned below). We found out my dad has prostate cancer last month and his 60th birthday is in January. As a special surprise for his birthday and Christmas, his siblings chipped in to give him the gift of color. The experience was pretty amazing and overwhelming. Thanks and special shout out to Enchroma for the amazing sunglasses.

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***For those that keep asking and wondering. There is a spectrum of colorblindness, his can see blue, just not shade of it. It's reds and greens he can't see. The link below has a video to demonstrate what his colorblindness looks like.***


Видео After 60 years, my dad sees full color for the first time канала Jake Rock
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