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High Hip & Pelvic Obliquity Self Correction with 1 Exercise ✅

High Hip & Pelvic Obliquity Self Correction with 1 Exercise ✅
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Pelvic obliquity or a high hip is very common these days. It can be very painful and, without treatment, often leads to many other problems in the body. It is therefore important to bring such a pelvic obliquity/ high hip back into balance.
Fortunately, you can do something yourself to compensate for a high hip / pelvic obliquity!

This is the cause of a pelvic obliquity / high hip in 90% of all cases:
The hip joint is surrounded by many muscles and ligaments and depending on the level of training this joint can be at different heights. Tensed muscles and fascia surrounding the hip joint tend to pull the joint head too high. And this makes the leg appear shorter. This is what causes most of the leg length differences these days.

Pain specialist Roland Liebscher-Bracht shows you an effective exercise to help yourself with uneven hips.
This one pelvic obliquity exercise, after doing it just once: reduces the length difference dramatically, balancing your hips out.
In many cases, after just one high hip exercise, your leg will be 1-2 cm longer. Conveniently, this pelvic obliquity exercise can be done at home and does not require any tools.

👉 This muscle causes hip pain: https://youtu.be/QUHi6wvDOJg

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00:00 Introduction by pain specialist Roland Liebscher-Bracht
00:36 The 2 causes of pelvic obliquity/high hip (anatomical background)
01:23 Explanation of the most common pelvic obliquity /high hip cause
02:58 Pelvic obliquity exercise / self correction
06:02 What to do after the high hip exercise

Видео High Hip & Pelvic Obliquity Self Correction with 1 Exercise ✅ канала Liebscher & Bracht – The Pain Specialists
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