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20 Cool Places to Visit in Prague's Mala Strana

A lot of travelers who visit Prague skip this quarter but we think Mala Strana (Lesser Town), is one of the prettiest areas in Prague. In this video, we'll show you 20 cool places to visit there. The places we recommend are scattered across the entire Mala Strana quarter if you decide to visit all of them, you will end up seeing more of Mala Strana than most people who live in Prague have ever seen. #prague #realpragueguides

We gave ourselves a mission to write about every single important monument in Prague, share some fun facts, and give you cool ideas for your visit. You can find the result of our work here: http://www.tours-prague.eu/prague_tips.phtml
You can also join us for one of our Prague Walking Tours and meet us in person!

Free Walking Tour of Old Town, Jewish Quarter, and Charles Bridge: http://www.tours-prague.eu/tour-free.phtml

Free Prague WW2 Tour: http://www.tours-prague.eu/tour-ww2.phtml

Prague Castle Tour with Tickets Included: http://www.tours-prague.eu/tour-castle.phtml

Private Tour of Prague: http://www.tours-prague.eu/tours_private.phtml

Видео 20 Cool Places to Visit in Prague's Mala Strana канала Real Prague Guides
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