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growing up korean american but it's also a grwm :')

uhhhhhhh get a cup of tea or a snacc or even a meal bc this video is a LONG ONE !!

it is finally here :) my experience growing up as a korean american, but as a get ready with me.

this video is VERY long but i've procrastinated filming this video bc i knew there was so much i wanted to talk about that i knew it would be a long video, but i hope u can watch all of it for everything to click and make sense!

i didn't go over absolutely everything but i hope this video is enough anyway :) i'm happy to be where i am now with my identity as a korean american.

let me know ur story i'll get a cup of tea and read ur comments let me knooooowwwwww

also if u do watch this entire video i appreciate u so much and thank u with my entire heart and a half and i luv u

ok thank u for watching and for being here and i will see u next weeeeeeeeeek luv u so much

twitter: ninaeyu
instagram: ninaeyu
tumblr: neenzus
spotify: neenzus

Видео growing up korean american but it's also a grwm :') канала oh no nina
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22 октября 2018 г. 1:18:32