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10 Testosterone Boosting Foods Men NEED To Know About!

According to scientific evidence, these are the 10 best foods men should eat to help boost their testosterone. If you're wondering how to increase your testosterone levels Switching to a healthy diet is essential to go from low testosterone to high testosterone. This video provides the most powerful and most science-based natural testosterone booster foods and in combination with an overall healthy diet, it'll help improve energy, performance, strength, fat loss, muscle tone, and libido. 

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Whether it's over the counter testosterone boosters, horny goat weed, or magical libido pills that are only available at sketchy local gas stations, there are definitely many things that men will try to take in an effort to increase their testosterone levels as well as their libido and to maintain both as they age. But instead of looking for a quick fix magic pill, for many men, it might make much more sense to start by looking at their exercise habits, their diet, and more specifically what foods they eat on a daily basis. This is because your diet and the food you eat can have a big impact on many different hormones found within your body, leading to a chain of positive effects or a chain of negative effects. But, how do you know what foods actually work, and which ones are gimmicks? I mean the problem is that nowadays almost every supposed superfood ranging from quinoa to tomatoes has been claimed to help boost testosterone without much-supporting evidence to back up those claims. So today I want to give you 10 foods that have actually been proven through scientific research to help increase testosterone levels naturally. Starting first with more of a food group, Saturated and monounsaturated sources of fat. Multiple studies have shown that diets that are higher in fat, where around 35 to 40 percent of the daily calorie intake is made up of fats can help to increase testosterone to a greater degree than diets that are lower in fat where less than 20 percent of the total daily calorie intake is made up of fat. (1) However, not all types of fat will have this beneficial effect on your testosterone levels. For example, these studies show that saturated fat and monounsaturated fat can help increase testosterone levels while polyunsaturated fats have the exact opposite effect. This correlation between increased fat intake and higher testosterone levels comes as no surprise since testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol. Meanwhile, the reason why polyunsaturated fats lower testosterone is likely because they promote inflammation throughout the body. So limit your intake of polyunsaturated fats like canola oil, corn oil, and sunflower oil. Now with that said not all saturated fat is good for you. For example, eating hot dogs to increase your saturated fat intake can be harmful and definitely won't be beneficial in the same way that adding one or two tablespoons of coconut oil to your diet will be. Eggs and more specifically egg yolks that come from pasture-raised chickens are also great sources of saturated fat and cholesterol. For monounsaturated fat one of the best sources that you can add to your diet is olive oil. In fact, one study showed a 17.4 percent increase in testosterone levels in Moroccan men after they enhanced their diet with extra virgin olive oil for 3 weeks. (2). Now besides dietary fats, many studies also show that very high protein intake can lead to lower testosterone levels. And that's most likely not because protein suppresses testosterone production. Instead, it's the simple fact that if you eat way too much protein, you're more likely to have fewer calories coming from carbs and fat, which can have negative effects on testosterone. So remember that there's no need to increase protein intake higher than around 0.8 grams to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. 
Let's move on to the next food which is ginger. Wild ginger root is most often used as a spice or to help improve digestion but it can also benefit your testosterone levels. Unfortunately, most studies looking into the relationship between testosterone and ginger are performed on rodents and studies on rodents don't provide the highest level of evidence, but rodents do have a very similar endocrine system to human beings and a 2018 review on all the data available on this topic found that Ginger supplementation enhances testosterone production in males. (3) ....

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