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One of Robert Kiyosaki's Strongest Future Predictions

Hi, I’m Greg Owen from GOKO Group. Since 1990 I’ve been working hard to teach entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors everything they need to know to succeed.

Today, I’m joined by Robert Kiyosaki, #1 business best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, to discuss the current economic crisis and what we can do to safeguard our financial futures.

A few of the things he talks about:

✅ Why is having a strong financial statement is more important than having a college diploma when it comes to financial security?
✅ Humans in the workforce are becoming obsolete.
✅ The real financial crisis isn’t COVID-19.

The good news is that the current financial crisis brings new opportunities. Robert advises us to stop focusing on the old way of thinking and instead turn our attention to our balance sheets.

The bottom line is that the value of the dollar has been destroyed; investing in valuable assets, like gold, silver, cryptocurrency, real estate, etc. will make you wealthy, not saving money.

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0:00 - Intro
2:50 - Why don't we learn about money in school?
5:02 - We are facing the biggest economic crisis.
15:39 - What Warren Buffet's actions tell you?
25:45 - What are you gonna do when we hit the biggest financial crisis?
36:04 - Recommendations for the future.
40:21 - Thoughts on making money through YouTube and gaming

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