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I Forced BadBoyHalo To Take a Skeppy Themed Quiz...

Skeppy makes BadBoyHalo take a quiz about Skeppy to test their friendship.
HEY EVERYBODY! Today I make BadBoyHalo take a quiz I found on Minecraft about ME! Can Bad actually get all of them right? no way lmao. Is he even my best friend if he doesn't? Is he still mad that I met up with Sapnap first? Featuring creators like Technoblade and other tough questions like WHEN WAS MY FIRST TRAPPING KIDS VIDEO LOL. Also Bad you owe my sister an apology, you really should know this by now.

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This is literally a Minecraft, But Lava Rises every 10 seconds challenge. This is a Minecraft quiz about me with BadBoyHalo :D

special thanks to mishythesheep for the thumbnail!

Видео I Forced BadBoyHalo To Take a Skeppy Themed Quiz... канала Skep
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26 января 2021 г. 3:11:22