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15 Dip Station Exercises You Should Try

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If you have a dip station and have been wondering what all you can use it for, this video is a great place to start. These 15 dip station exercises are plenty to keep you going for a while. I display the exercises in a progressive manner and break them down by movement type so you can gradually build strength as you learn them.

Truth be told, this is not everything you can do on dip bars, but it's plenty to keep you busy for a long time if you're still a beginner. You can even construct an entire dip station workout with these exercises. I'd recommend using at least one exercise from each movement category (push, core, pull and legs ). Do them either as sets and reps for strength, or in a circuit format for muscular endurance and fat loss.

I hope you can use this video to do more with your dip bars and take your calisthenics home workout to the next level.

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