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The Real Cost of Living in Italy. What I Pay to Live Here.

Everyday costs of living in Italy. Real life examples of what we pay. Life in Italy today has been affected by inflation and some of the costs are reflected in this and some not. What you can afford depends on what you make as a salary. We got that too in today's video! Enjoy! Buona visione!


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00:00 The Real Cost of Living in Italy.
00:38 Cell phone plans
02:03 Apartments
03:18 Food
03:45 Gas
04:20 Car Insurance
05:35 Day care costs
06:30 Bills
06:43 Valeria and the bills
08:12 Italian salaries
09:37 Frase Italiana Della Settimana

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Видео The Real Cost of Living in Italy. What I Pay to Live Here. канала David Carmosino
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