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Italian Culture SHOCKS! An American Living in Italy | Cultural Differences ITALY vs. USA

When in Rome - DO AS THE ROMANS DO! In this video, I share the things I found to be Italian Culture Shocks as an American living in Italy and the Cultural Differences between Italy vs. USA! I grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Italy in my early-to-mid 20's. The first time I went to Italy was to study abroad in Rome, then after finishing university I decided to move back to be a tour guide, living in both Rome & Florence. If you have had similar culture shocks, or perhaps different ones, I would love to hear them so leave me a comment below! :)

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▬ Video Chapters ▬

0:00 Intro
0:31 Rules of the Road
1:07 Amalfi Bus Driver Picking Up Car
1:29 Drinking in Public Places
2:09 Don't Touch the Fruits and Vegetables
2:44 Lines
3:27 Basic Units of Measurement
4:11 Smoking / Rolling Cigarettes
5:12 Dressing for the Season
5:46 Work-Life Balance
6:58 Shutting Down in August
7:33 Not Customary to Tip
8:24 Fees to Sit in Cafes
8:58 Nothing Runs on Time
9:30 Things closing Mid-Day/Closed Sundays
10:20 Asking for the Bill
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An American in Italy 🟢🔘🔴
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Видео Italian Culture SHOCKS! An American Living in Italy | Cultural Differences ITALY vs. USA канала The Global Expats
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