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ROBLOX PIGGY In Real Life! Piggy Trouble! | Steel Kids

Roblox Piggy In Real Life! Piggy Trouble!
It's a fun and sunny afternoon when Shawn decides to draw Piggy in 3D while Chase is playing Roblox Piggy on the computer. When Shawn finishes his 3D Piggy creation he's able to project it into the room on the computer screen using Augmented Reality. After a freak storm occurs however, Piggy goes missing! Piggy has disappeared from the Roblox Piggy game and from Shawn's augmented reality on the computer screen! Then they hear a noise. Piggy Trouble is coming!

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Steel Kids is a family friendly channel. We love to make these videos and hope you enjoy watching them. We like nerf blaster battles, 24-hour challenges, hide and seek games, box fort escapes, treasure hunts, games like hello neighbor in real life, game master videos, slime, and videos with special effects.


Видео ROBLOX PIGGY In Real Life! Piggy Trouble! | Steel Kids канала Steel Kids
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