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10 DIY Barbie Hacks: Mini Curlers, Soap Bubbles, Shoes, Cap and more!

How to create new self-made hacks and crafts: miniature soap bubbles for Barbie and her dolls friends, how to make a mini handbag and shoes, how to make a pencil case for Barbie or miniature hair curlers? In this video you will learn to do not only these miniature crafts, but also other equally simple and amazing hacks and Barbie doll items https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAKvtZLTEC4

Today, Barbie, we will try to twist Barbie on curlers and watch what curls she will get. We will make a doll's case out of an ordinary glove, make shoes from elastics for hair and shiny paper, make a miniature notebook with a watermelon for any doll. This new DIY video will appeal to you and your friend, so share it so that your friends can learn new 10 DIY Barbie Hacks: Mini Curlers, Soap Bubbles, Shoes, Cap and more!

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Released by NCS http://youtube.com/nocopyrightsounds

Видео 10 DIY Barbie Hacks: Mini Curlers, Soap Bubbles, Shoes, Cap and more! канала LIL SIMPLE
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