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Bengal Cat Giving Birth to 5 Kittens - Beautiful & Emotional

Divine gave birth to 5 very cute and beautiful kittens. She did a really good job. We did not got every birth good on camera. It was really hard to give her some space while filming her birth. We did not want to disturb her too much and let her do her own thing as much as possible. Fortunately, we did not have to help her with the birth of her kittens, she did everything herself. I've gotten a little emotional after the birth, she means so much to us and birth is so special to experience. We are very happy for her! If you want to follow and see the kittens grow up, please like and subscribe to us.

Bengal Cat Giving Birth to 5 Kittens With Each a Completely Different Pattern

Watch Divine's FULL pregnancy: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBbe_Ge95HI1mM9hvuz1QEH_BIHWezNIp

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Infinite Perspective by Kevin MacLeod
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🇺🇸 Welcome on the Official Youtube Channel Of Kaja Bengal Cattery. We are a Bengal Cattery from The Netherlands. We like to make videos of our Bengal Cats and our Bengal kittens. We hope you enjoy our videos. 😺

🇳🇱 Welkom op het Officiële Youtube kanaal van Kaja Bengaal Cattery. Wij zijn een Bengaal Cattery uit Nederland. Wij vinden het leuk om video's te maken van onze Bengaalse katten en Bengaalse kittens. Wij hopen dat je onze video leuk vindt. 😺

Thank you for watching!

Видео Bengal Cat Giving Birth to 5 Kittens - Beautiful & Emotional канала Kaja Cattery
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