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Massive Mistakes In Friends No One Noticed

Someone Needs To Clear Up These Friends Plot Holes
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Friends is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. Even 25 years after it premiered, it’s still a go-to binge for people everywhere. That doesn’t mean Friends didn’t include a mistake or two. Over 10 seasons, there were bound to be some inconsistencies, plot holes, and errors. In this video, we’re counting down some of the biggest mistakes on Friends.

The mistakes we’re talking about include plot holes involving Chandler’s ability to cry, Phoebe’s ability to speak French, whether Ross likes ice cream or not, and why Rachel and Chandler seem to have no memory of each other when they meet in the pilot. We’re also looking at some mysteries like how does the lock on Monica’s apartment door work, what’s the last name of that guy Rachel almost married, how is Rachel’s last name spelled, and where is Monica’s apartment. Finally we’ll look at some continuity errors like the times Monica and Rachel were replaced and that other time when Phoebe managed to be two places at once.

Some of these mistakes are real head-scratchers. In the end though, they don’t take anything away from the fun of Friends. However, they may give you something extra to look for on your next re-watch.

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