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How to Get Residency in Italy 🇮🇹 (3 ways)

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Many consider Italy to be their ideal place to live. In our previous videos we talked about how to optimize taxes if you are in Italy, but today we are going to cover how to actually get residency.

So when it comes to getting residency in Italy, there are 3 ways:

1. The first is the elective residency program. If you decide to go this route you will need to prove
31 000 EUR per year of passive income. This means that the funds can't originate from employment or self-employment, however, dividends do qualify.
The biggest downside of this program is that you're not allowed to do any work which includes self-employment while living in Italy.
You'll also need to pay a health contribution of 2600 EUR per year + taxes.

2. The second program is Golden Visa in Italy. As you probably already know, many countries offer golden visas nowadays. If you want to go this route you'll need to invest 250 000 EUR in business in Italy. You can register a branch office or a trade representative office of your own company in Italy, and invest in it. This is an attractive way to go.

3. The third way to obtain Italian residency is to establish a company in the country. This will get you a business visa, and you will be able to actually work while living in Italy.

The time frame to get your residency visa is around 3 months, and the process will start in your own home country in the consulate of Italy.
You will be able to get citizenship after 10 years of living in Italy. Interestingly, if you marry an Italian you will be able to get citizenship within 2 years.

Italy has an amazing passport, and if you can get it in 2 years you hit the jackpot!

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