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Find my hiding spot & win $1,000 YouTuber edition - Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard

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Welcome to the 4th ever episode of reverse Michael Myers custom game for money! Whoever knifes me in my hiding spot first wins and you will prolly recognize some other rainbow 6 youtubers in this video like priest, yo_boy_roy, varsity gaming, royal penguin & basically homeless!

➧ 100 Ranked Tips and Tricks 2021 - https://youtu.be/GOUSgUZ6I7E
➧ Random video: https://youtu.be/KwS_d9iozAI

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@Basically Homeless
@Royal Penguinxx
@AsianMoistCow (editor)
Saheel (subtitles) https://twitter.com/Saheels_Corner
Special shoutout to Shaved Raccoon! (I believe he was the 1st person to find the Favela hiding spots)


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1.65m subs

this new rainbow six siege video is a lot of fun while i use the best operators to play hide and seek with my rainbow six siege youtuber friends priest yoboyroy varsity penguin and basically homeless. i told them that whoever finds me first wins lots of money. we do $100 rounds and even a $1000 round of find my hiding spot in siege and win money! this is kind of like a michael myers custom game mode mini game but with our own special twist to have fun in custom games rainbow 6

Видео Find my hiding spot & win $1,000 YouTuber edition - Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard канала Coconut Brah
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