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Native Americans | Handmade Bracelets and DIY Beading Loom

There's something magnetic in native Americans' culture. I decided to make a relaxing beautiful video with creation process of bracelets.

☘️ I used these schemes and patterns of these authors:
• Friendship bracelets: wide https://pin.it/xr3pkyor3hfjia
Narrow https://pin.it/q7yuuw5ajt2kaa

• Beading bracelets: wide https://pin.it/2b5bmdqcivjrcj
Narrow https://pin.it/jvv3psxmtyu6px
Author's Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/PerlasLindas

☘️ I do not sell my work if I copy someone's design. I do it just for myself for pleasure.

Board with all Pins I use https://www.pinterest.co.uk/intthwds/inspiration/
0:07 print patterns of friendship bracelets, cut along the row and fold rows you've already made;
1:46 choose any colours of glass beads you want;
2:00 but before let's make a beading loom;
3:30 I decorated all elements with wood stain before the assembly. Super glue will keep elements on their places, but you still need to fix all joints with hot glue;
3:57 our loom is ready;
4:13 starting the bracelet. Choose contrasting colour of the thread;
5:01 first two rows of any colour. They won't be visible;
5:16 vertical thread should be between two horizontal threads;
6:11 if the main thread ended then take a new one, pass it between two rows, then accurately make next row as usual and then just tie to ends (of the old thread and the new thread) together;
8:24 suede cord to decorate bracelet on the sides;
9:52 you may see that one black row is visible, so you may leave only one black row instead of two. It depends on the way you decorate the ends of your bracelet.


Beads, threads and suede cords I bought in my town in local shops.

• chains https://a.aliexpress.com/NYv6P1bQT
• waxed cotton cord https://a.aliexpress.com/shKeoxcTZ
• lobster clasps and jump rings 6 colours set https://a.aliexpress.com/knISscxVt
• tools and jewellery findings sets https://a.aliexpress.com/sEsveW0KR
• connector clasps for cord https://a.aliexpress.com/bShyIjIBD
• jump rings https://a.aliexpress.com/O8MIBhonp

_______________music _______________

Anka Inka - Espiritual
Anka Inka - Tayta Huamani
Anka Inka - Dream


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Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/intthwds/

Видео Native Americans | Handmade Bracelets and DIY Beading Loom канала IntøTheWøøds
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