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We Need To Talk About Nessa Barrett

What's Going On With This TikTok Star?
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Nessa Barrett may have been cancelled by fans, but even negativity and a majorly offensive video haven’t lowered this star’s massive following. Nessa Barrett, seventeen year old TikTok star from New Jersey, rose to fame through the popularity of her dancing videos and vlogs. Joining forces with her TikTok famous boyfriend Joshua Richards of Sway House Collective only strengthened her fandom.

This teen had it all - a huge following, a contract with a talent agency, and even her own line of merch with her slogan “Sorry I’m Shy”. But one mistake threatened it all. Nessa thoughtlessly posted an insensitive video to her page that offended a huge portion of her fans and others on the internet. Nessa tried a few times to apologize but the internet was not having it. Even Richards stepped in to defend her. With fans still furious at Nessa, many started promoting the hashtag #NessaCancelled. It looks like some fans are not yet ready to forgive and forget.

After a month of drama, Nessa revealed that her personal info and even address had been leaked, saying that people are now harassing her family! After all the drama, Nessa remains one of the top TikTok stars and it seems that her mistake did not fully cost her her career.

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Written by: Laurie Melanson
Narrated by: Cam Y.
Edited by: Wazowski

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