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Soda - Pullin Up (Extended Mix)

Hit it HARD and Pull up in life! I heard this song a 'LiL while ago but it was sadly only 1 minute and 53 seconds long! Yeah, had to do something about that. Hope you all enjoy! Please know that I first heard this song from the "Soda" channel. Check them out as "Soda" is a really awesome guy and deserves your support! Show him some love everyone! Now that he's "Started Pullin" (song title) help him keep "Pullin up!" Here is a link to the original 1 minute, 53 second version where I found it!

Want to hear my 1 hour mix of this song? Check it here!

I mix music together. I create extended mixes. I cut together ton's of different versions of songs and make them into one song. I don't pretend to have created any of the individual tracks that I upload. If I like a song and want to hear it for longer than the average of 3-5 minutes I create a longer mix. Sometimes if I like a song enough I'll mix together everything from the songs instrumental-normal-trap-dub-whatever versions together. Friends tell me they like what I do so I thought others might as well. :) Figured I'd share with more than just my close friends and if anyone else likes this than that's awesome! Happy listening guys.
No copyright infringement intended. I got the different mixes from various Youtube Authors/sources. I am more then happy to cite each individual Youtube creator/source! Please just let me know and I will take care of it immediately. Just using this music under the Fair Use Policy and trying to share the music that is already out there in a unique way! This channel does not claim any rights or ownership in anyway over the content posted.

All credit goes to the various artists, producers, and directors. Also, if you are a Youtube content creator and I took your song/version of a song and made a mix out of it and you do not approve, please let me know!

Видео Soda - Pullin Up (Extended Mix) канала DJ skeTch
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