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Metallica - Master of Puppets Remastered HQ

This album is an undisputed classic. It also doesn't sound that great in its most readily available form currently. The version on the band's label is the terrible "secret remaster" version that they did in the 90's when they acquired the rights to their songs. This is an attempt to rectify the situation.
It was a bit of a bear to mess with this album. Sides A and B sound drastically different mix wise. I used a pretty light touch with compression here simply because if you overdo it on the side A songs, they lose all life. So I erred on the on side of caution with that. its still nice and thick, but its not modern in any sense of the word other than the fact that I used a multi band compressor at one stage. I also tried to keep limiting to a minimum so as to leave the dynamic range intact because I feel the dynamics of this album are one of its strong points. As such, this remaster is not crazy loud. That's fine. Turn up your volume you lazy punks. That's why you can adjust it! The biggest change comes in the form of modernization of the EQ curve of the album to something more along the lines of metal that you hear today. It took a few tries to find a good curve that worked for all the songs, but I think I managed well and feel this album now sounds more like the classic it is.

All remastered music posted here is for the purposes of entertainment and experimentation only. I am simply exploring modern mastering techniques and their effect on great albums from various eras. I love these bands and their music and am in no way seeking to monetize anything about this. All rights are with the original artist and no infringement is intended.

Видео Metallica - Master of Puppets Remastered HQ канала Respectful Remasters by Metalmucil
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