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Faded - Alan Walker | Romy Wave (piano cover)

Download the song for free here : https://soundcloud.com/romy-wave/faded-alan-walker-romy-wave-cover

Download dry vocals here *(!check permissions at bottom of description!) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxe2k4a68qp8gll/Faded%20-%20Alan%20Walker%20%28Romy%20Wave%20dry%20vocal%29.wav?dl=0

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TWITTER https://twitter.com/romywave
INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/romywave
SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/romy-wave

* Permissions :
- for a YOUTUBE release ➤ You agree to add my name as a featuring.
- for a SPOTIFY and other commercial platforms release ➤ You agree to NOT add my name as featuring. I wanna keep my Spotify page only with personal projects.
- You agree on sharing 20% of the total amount of the incomes and I own the right to claim the revenues retro-actively*

Видео Faded - Alan Walker | Romy Wave (piano cover) канала Romy Wave
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17 августа 2016 г. 20:35:38