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10 STUDY ABROAD MISTAKES TO AVOID 😱✈️🎓👀What people don't tell you about study abroad 🤫

10 things I wish someone told me before studying abroad... 😳🤫let's talk about my study abroad struggles including homesickness, FOMO, overwhelm, money worries & more! ✈️🌈🎓

L E T ’ S C O N N E C T 👇🏼🌈📲

➡️ Grab the ‘Girls Study Abroad - A Student Guide to Study Abroad’ E-Book 📒✈️😍 - your real step-by-step handbook to your study abroad adventure written from my own 3+ years experience of studying abroad and traveling the world: www.girlsstudyabroad.com 💗

➡️Talk to me 1:1 about your study abroad struggles via voice memo through the personal mentoring service 'Girls Study Abroad Sister Support' 👭✈️- Find out more information here: https://www.lauralangheinrich.com/sistersupport/

➡️ Join the Girls Study Abroad FACEBOOK GROUP - a supportive and safe space for girls all around the world who want to study abroad 🎓✈️👯 www.facebook.com/groups/110741726355513/

➡️ Follow me on INSTAGRAM to follow my travel adventures + behind the scenes of my life 📸🌎 www.instagram.com/Laura_Langheinrich

F R E E B I E S 👇🏼😍🌈💰

💰FREE Study Abroad Budget Guide: https://www.lauralangheinrich.com/budget
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A B O U T M Y C H A N N E L 👇🏼🎥💕

I am Laura, a 21-year-old German small town girl studying abroad in Scotland (I also did a semester abroad in Toronto, Canada). This channel is all about my life as an international student, entrepreneur, traveler, personal development junkie and foodie. I film day in the life vlogs, weekend vlogs, week in the life vlogs, study abroad advice videos, travel vlogs, routines & more!

#studyabroad #studyabroadinscotland #girlsstudyabroad #internationalstudent #studyabroadvlog #studenttravel #femaletravel

This channel is for ambitious big dreamers who want to get inspired + empowered to study abroad and create a life on their own terms. 💜 We do a lot of #REALTALK around here and chat about things (no one really talks about) like homesickness, fomo, comparison, anxiety and more. That way, I hope that my videos make you feel less alone with your struggles and more empowered + supported along your way. Thank you so much for supporting my content.

Hugs, Laura ✨

B O O K S T H A T C H A N G E D M Y L I F E 👇🏼📖
Check out my top fave self-help, spirituality, business + personal development books here: https://kit.com/LauraLangheinrich/book-faves-self-help-business-marketing-spirituality

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For YouTube Inquiries like sponsorships, brand collaborations + other business requests: laura.langheinrich21@gmx.de

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Видео 10 STUDY ABROAD MISTAKES TO AVOID 😱✈️🎓👀What people don't tell you about study abroad 🤫 канала Laura Langheinrich
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