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Pagani Design Review and Reality Check

Pagani Design watches are a hot topic in watch groups and on some review channels as of 2020. Homage watches are nothing new, but like many Chinese watch manufactures, Pagani copies established brand designs and offers them at a much lower cost. I kept seeing pictures, posts, and reviews touting how good they were for the money and decided to take a look for myself and give potential buyers a reality check. #paganidesign #watchreview #affordablewatches

PD-1649 Giveaway form (entry period ends Sep 9): https://forms.gle/39he7gfWTfq8rPAn7

The PD-1651 (Rolex Yacht-Master copy) was enjoyable, but the PD-1649 (Tag Heuer Autavia copy) was less to my liking.

Blog post: https://watchcomplications.com/pagani-design
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Pagani Design Store on AliExpress: https://paganidesignwristwatch.aliexpress.com/
Vario t-shirts: https://vario.sg/collections/horology-t-shirts

0:00 Intro
3:20 Why!?
6:36 Specs
11:48 Packaging
12:08 The Reality Check
12:46 Pros
15:07 Cons
21:33 Giveaway?
23:07 Macro View
28:48 Final Thoughts

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