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Musicians Who Are Terrors To Tour With

Any time you watch a biopic or documentary about a rock and roll star, you just know there will be the “party lifestyle” montage, as almost every rocker lets things get out of hand for at least a few years while on tour. It’s not always rock stars, either, as Mariah Carey is notorious for doing things like insisting a music store’s bathroom be remodeled for her. From the Black Crowes front man who’s a bit hard to handle if you don’t recognize him to the Rolling Stone who gets angry if he can’t get satisfaction or shepherd’s pie, here are some musicians who are terrors to tour with.

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Mariah Carey | 0:00
Chris Robinson | 1:13
Coheed and Cambria | 1:52
Cardi B | 3:05
Afroman | 4:21
Aerosmith | 4:58
The Ramones | 5:49
Justin Bieber | 6:58
The Red Hot Chili Peppers | 8:16
Britney Spears | 9:24
The Rolling Stones | 10:30
Demi Lovato | 11:42
Courtney Love | 12:46
Krokus | 13:50
Megadeth | 14:57

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