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CUTTLEFISH | How to Deadly Cut Live Cuttlefish and Make Crispy Golden Cuttlefish

Fine dining in Vietnam is at least 25 USD per person. Seafood fine dining is more expensive. Fine dining from cuttlefish is such a case. In Vietnam, people use freshest cuttlefish which are swimming for their dining menu. They would never pay a fair amount for frozen cuttlefish. Frozen cuttlefish cannot make a Michelin star meal for sure. The today meal I am luckily treated is crispy fried golden cuttlefish, a quality-like Michelin star meal. Such a fine dining experience in Vietnam. Vietnam has treated me well - vietnamese fine dining from cuttlefish.
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Видео CUTTLEFISH | How to Deadly Cut Live Cuttlefish and Make Crispy Golden Cuttlefish канала Raw Street Capture 101
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