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Pearl Jam 08-08-2018 Safeco Field, Seattle, WA Full Show Multicam SBD Blu-Ray

Pearl Jam
08-08-2018 Seattle, WA
Safeco Field
Home Shows Night 1

2018 "Road Trip"
Fan Made project, by the fans and for the fans

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00:00:00 Long Road
00:05:15 Release
00:10:11 Low Light
00:13:35 Elderly Woman
00:17:30 Corduroy
00:26:48 Go
00:29:35 Do the Evolution
00:35:15 Throw Your Hatred Down (Neil Young)
00:40:19 Mind Your Manners
00:45:07 Lightning Bolt
00:51:28 Given to Fly
00:57:08 All Those Yesterdays
01:04:28 Even Flow
01:11:38 Help Intro (The Beatles)
01:12:41 Help, Help
01:16:30 Black
01:27:22 Setting Forth
01:28:51 I Am A Patriot (Little Steven)
01:31:48 Porch

01:38:49 Encore 1
01:44:42 We're Going To Be Friends (White Stripes)
01:47:51 Nothing As It Seems
01:53:25 Let Me Sleep
01:56:40 Breath
02:03:10 Again Today (with Brandi Carlile)
02:05:50 State of Love and Trust
02:09:21 Rearview Mirror

02:16:30 Encore 2
02:20:28 Wasted Reprise
02:20:58 Better Man (Save It For Later tag)
02:28:55 Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
02:35:09 Alive
02:41:44 I've Got A Feeling (The Beatles)
02:45:50 Rockin' in the Free World (Neil Young)
02:53:46 Yellow Ledbetter (Little Wing tag)

Video Credits:
The following individuals provided substantial original footage for this effort:
-Video Gremmie

You Tube Credit:
CR2 Concerts
Jason Walters

Because of Safeco's idiotic and arbitrary "no cameras" policy, several of our normal tapers were not able to bring in their regular gear. Therefore we relied more on clips and other options than we prefer. If I missed you in credits, my apologies. I can add if you message.

Видео Pearl Jam 08-08-2018 Safeco Field, Seattle, WA Full Show Multicam SBD Blu-Ray канала Better Than Nothing Videos
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