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Genius Girl Stunt Rider Sarah Lezito

Sarah Lezito got 9th place at biggest stunt riding competition Czech Stunt Day. She is famous prorider from France, returned to the sport after a long break. Great flow, aggression, speed and high level stunts in series: straight line with tank positions, wide powers - dead spin - 50/50 circles - jump to hc, hc stoppie 180, various drift with hc eight, switchback wheelie-headstand-christ, kangaroo, great burnout jump to 50/50 drift, circle combos, superman, watchtower. Sarah is genius, because she beats a lot of high level riders in men's sport - this is the unique case at international competitions.
Sarah rides Suzuki GSXR750 2008 stunt bike.
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Видео Genius Girl Stunt Rider Sarah Lezito канала Stuntexru
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