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Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Official Music Video)

Official Blue Foundation "Eyes on Fire" Music Video feat. dancer Masha Greif.

The video has been shoot in the nightclub "The Black Hole", in the Russsian city of Chelyabinsk. Located in the foothills of the Ural Mountains.

During the Cold War the city did not appear on any official maps and was a closed off atomic zone, which produced tanks and the first atomic bomb of the Sovjet Union.
For 45 years, Chelyabinsk, was closed to all foreigners and journalists .
Only in January of 1992 did President Boris Yeltsin sign a decree changing that.

For decades the atomic complex Mayak has let out radioactive water directly into the Techa - Chelyabinsk largest river. Scientists and enviromental organisations call the area 'one of the the most polluted places' on earth.

Besides its warindustry, the city is has a very vibrant dance scene.

Director: Boris Bertram

(c) 2007 Parlophone Music Denmark a Warner Music Group Company

Видео Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Official Music Video) канала TOPSIFY Danmark
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