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Evolution of Apple 🍎

🍎 A historical evolution of Apple Computer Company. This educational history of the company explores its long evolution. One of the biggest companies worldwide Apple has produced some of the finest products that have introduced some of the slickest innovations into everyone's homes. From the first phones that Wozniak made and Jobs sold, to the Macintosh, iPod, iPhone and more. This collection of Apple's history will make you feel nostalgic and excited for what is left to come.

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Images of products are taken from apple website mainly. Others come under creative commons and educational history allows fair use. The finger slide belongs to agustinfioriti (CC) and the camera photo is by Frenny Wetzal. Music is from the YouTube audio library:
1. Water Please (Text Me Records / GrandBankss)
2. Some Of You (Text Me Records / GrandBankss)
3. Drive
4. Feeling's Not Mutual (Single Friend)

History of Apple. Every apple product from their creation to 2020!

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