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8 Minute Abs Workout to Get a Six Pack

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What's going on guys! In today's video I'm going to be going to take you through an entire 8 minute abdominal workout that you can do from home, as you don't need any type of equipment.

This workout will consist of 4 exercises below, each for 40 seconds on followed up with a 20 second rest.

✅ Single Leg Lift Crunch
✅ Russian Twists
✅ Rotating Side Planks
✅ Spiderman Plank to Downward Dog

🔥 Perform As Many Reps As You Can for 40 Seconds
⏰ 20 Second Rest After Each Exercise
🚀 2 Rounds = 8 Total Minutes

👇 Share this Workout & Challenge Yourself with a Friend!

Thanks for watching guys, try out this six pack abs workout next time short on time, no excuses you can get this one done from anywhere!

8 Minute Abs Workout to Get a Six Pack
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Intro Song: Always Have by Castor Troy

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