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Pure Freestyle Calisthenics - FIBO 2018 | Daniels Laizans

Huge shoutout to one of the best if not the best competition setups by @barzflex_workoutparks I swear to God it felt just so amazing when there finally was a competition with a wide single bar at perfect height, perfectly stabilized without any shakiness and without any unnecessary bars around so you can feel free whenever swinging or doing giants and stuff. I am tall and heavy and this is such a bug deal for me, because very often I can't do even do 3/4 of what I've planned just because of the setup, whether it's too shaky or there's just not enough space because of the bars around. Fuck a square type setup. It's 2018 and none of the top athletes does these silly transfers from bar to bar. A perfect single bar based setup right here by @barzflex_workoutparks BIG SHOUTOUT!

Видео Pure Freestyle Calisthenics - FIBO 2018 | Daniels Laizans канала Daniels Laizans
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18 сентября 2018 г. 19:13:36