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What Would Happen If the Titanic Met the Kraken?

How large was the iceberg that sank the Titanic? Months before the disaster struck, a ginormous chunk of ice had broken away from a glacier in southwest Greenland. It was made of the snow that had fallen about 100,000 years ago - when mammoths were still roaming the planet. And when the iceberg just started its journey, it was a huge thing. Almost 1,700 ft (518 m) long, it also weighed 75 million tons!

Even after melting into the water for months, the iceberg still weighed an impressive one and a half million tons. Its top part was towering over the water for almost 100 ft (30m). But what people saw was just a tiny part of a jumbo piece of ice. The largest part of any iceberg is hidden under the surface, with a mere one-tenth visible above the water. "The Titanic iceberg" wasn't an exception. The moment the ship collided with it, the vessel was doomed. But what if what we know about the disaster is not true? What if it had been the Kraken that sank the Titanic? A legendary creature feared by everyone who sets off on a sea voyage...


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