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High Kicks Compilation 🦵 #DCCMakingTheTeam (Season 14) | CMT

"High kicks are really one of the more defining attributes that we require from our dancers.” 👏 We’re rounding up the most memorable kick lines in celebration of the return of #DCCMakingTheTeam on Friday, August 2nd at 9/8c on @CMT! 🎉

#DCCMakingTheTeam #CMT

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Hundreds audition, but only a select group will secure spots in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders training camp. DCC director Kelli Finglass and head choreographer Judy Trammell oversee the intense audition process and decide which hopefuls will make the team.

Видео High Kicks Compilation 🦵 #DCCMakingTheTeam (Season 14) | CMT канала CMT's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
8 августа 2019 г. 16:00:02
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