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Men rate KILIAN fragrances...

Hi guys, and welcome to Curly Scents! In this video, I have Anthony and Justin Copeland from Stay Fresh Productions smell and rate 6 Kilian fragrances. What is the best Kilian Paris Perfume in your opinion? What do you think is the sexiest Kilian fragrance of all time?

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Good Girl Gone Bad https://bit.ly/2Pubqj6
Black Phantom https://bit.ly/3d8lNkM
Roses On Ice https://bit.ly/2Qv4um6
Moonlight In Heaven https://bit.ly/2OYJkwB
Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi https://bit.ly/3ffOkHI
Angel's Share https://bit.ly/3tUOGYe

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All opinions on these Kilian fragrances/perfumes are our own, and keep in mind that you may have different experiences and opinions on it. That’s what makes fragrances so interesting!

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