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Buying A House In Italy - Everything You Need To Know

For anyone looking to Buy a House In Italy - this is a super informative video covering, literally, everything you need to know, from soup to nuts, about buying a house in Italy.

After watching our video and learning the answers to all of your questions, check out our website at http://www.housefindersnorthernitaly.com.

We are Americans who moved to Italy several years ago. We provide House Finder services to anyone looking to buy in Italy. We specialize in finding homes in the stunning region of Piedmont, an area that many describe as Tuscany of 50 Years Ago.


TOC in this video:
-Introduction to Buying A House In Italy
-Our Story - How We Found and Bought A House in Italy
-How We Dramatically Reduced Our Living Expenses
-How Much Does It Cost To Buy A House In Itay
-How Can I Save Money On The Buying Process
-Can I Get A Loan To Buy A House In Italy
-What Are The Taxes and Fees I Have To Pay When Buying A House In Italy
-How Long Does The Process Take
-Do I Have To Be Present In Italy To Buy A House There
-Do I Need To Move To Italy To Own A House There
-What Are The Property Taxes on A House You Own In Italy
-How Much Does It Cost To Restore or Renovate A House In Italy
-How I Renovated The House I Bought In Italy
-Do I Need A Lawyer To Buy A House In Italy
-What Kinds of Houses Can I Buy In Italy
-The Buying and Closing Process incl. Bidding, Offers, Deposits, Title Clearance, Inspections, Deed Signing
-The Notaio
-The Geometra
-Post Purchase
-The Importance of Hiring A House Finder When Buying A House In Italy

Thanks for watching! Hope to see you soon...

Видео Buying A House In Italy - Everything You Need To Know канала House Finders Northern Italy
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