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Jennifer Lopez | A Look at 2020

Jennifer Lopez | A Look at 2020

2020 was no joke … it was the year that I call “The Great Leveler”. It showed us what mattered and what didn’t. For me, it reinforced what matters most: PEOPLE. People helping each other, loving each other and being kind to each other.
2020 made us realize that this generation is facing a series of unique challenges. With every great challenge comes a great opportunity. We need to SPEAK UP and SPEAK LOVE every chance we get.
2020 will be remembered not as the year we had to stay indoors; rather the year we took to the streets, the polls and beyond. Years from now, remember 2020 as the year when everything started to change and the year that you started on your journey to making sure that it did.
Happy 2021. I love you all.
Love, Jennifer

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