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Top 50 Greatest Songs 1960-1969

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This is a re-upload of a video I made nearly 4 years ago, which was taken down some time ago. However, while the original video was only a top 30 countdown, I decided to go with 50 songs for this updated version.

My grandfather once told me that the 1960s were two different musical decades. The first half (approx. 1960-1963) drew a lot of similarities to the 1950s, with acts like Elvis Presley, Pat Boone, The Everly Brothers, and Connie Francis remaining popular. As most of us know, this all rapidly changed in the mid 60s with the British Invasion. The United States intervention in the Vietnam War saw a counterculture movement spread across the US and the UK. Suddenly there was a burst of color and psychedelia across the world, changing the music scene forever. To quote TsorT (my source for the song list) "By the end of the decade music was a major industry."

Top 100 songs of the 1960s:

How songs recieve their score:

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